Seriously, Are There Any Emotionally Mature Men Left? [VIDEO]

Based on our own experiences, we know that the dating scene is rough out there. Instead of meeting men who are both secure and emotionally mature, we sometimes run into guys who pretty much act like they are still in high school—Which is seriously frustrating. But even though these less than stellar dates may make it seem like all guys are immature, the fact is that there are still emotionally mature men out there. If we want to find a great guy (who acts his age and not his shoe size), we've got to be upfront about our wants and needs.

Not only is Marriage/Couples Counselor Dr. Rhoberta Shaler's advice on how to find that mature man that we've been looking for spot on, it also makes us feel hopeful about love. She points out that maturity and immaturity are actually just labels that we use; if we think about it, these terms are just ways for people to tell others that they are not living up to expectations. If we expect someone to be financially or emotionally stable, we've got to be honest about our feelings and just tell them. Instead of calling them immature (which won't really help either of us), we should express what we want out of the relationship. Not only will putting everything out in the open make us happier, it'll also help establish a way to communicate about other issues that bother the both of us in the future.