Which TV Mom Are You?

Take our quiz to find out!

Quiz art

In the land of TV there are so many moms that have come and gone. In the beginning they all were the same. They were stay-at-home women who were usually happy to just look after the kids and their husbands. They were usually the voice of reason to the crazy men in their lives that got into trouble. Then Lucille Ball came onto the scene. The breath of fresh air allowed women and mothers to be hot messes and funny. They were also allowed to have aspirations other than staying at home and cooking the perfect dinner.


Since then so many TV moms have been created, and all of them represent different types of mothers. There are the helicopter moms, the glamorous moms, the narcissistic moms, and so much more. Some of them we love and some of them we hate, but which ones are more similar to? It's finally time to find out.

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In order to celebrate some of the newer women who are representing the hard life of motherhood on screen, we made a fun quiz! Which TV mom are you? If you're ready for the cold hard truth then fill out the following 7 questions will give you answer.