No Lingerie Required: 8 Easy Ways To Ooze Sex Appeal

sexy woman

Look, we have to be honest with ourselves, sex appeal matters. And if it's something we look for in a mate, it stands to reason others are seeking it in us. But we don't have to let that fact stress us out. In fact, it's a great reason to look up ways to boost our sex appeal and our sex lives, in order to create the best experiences we've ever had.

No disrespect to your current sexy methods, but a little help never hurts. There might be an idea in the list below that really gets you and your partner's blood going in the right direction. And feel free to let the sexy force contained in this article guide you well past February, too.

Let Your Body Talk

Dozens of books have been penned about body language. You could spend months studying it. But let's get down to the nitty-gritty, need-to-know basics — eye contact along with head and back posture. Without staring, make sure you're giving eye contact during key moments of conversation. Let your instincts guide you. Look 'em in the eye when you're delivering a punchline, saying something meaningful or ready to move to the next stage of the date. Keep your back straight and your chin slightly angled down. This conveys confidence without seeming haughty, making you that much more appealing.

Choose Your Makeup Carefully

According to an MSN article about sex appeal, studies have shown that men find women with a full face of makeup more attractive than women with none at all. So if it's a choice between all or nothing, feel free to go all out. Having said that, it seems men really like subtle enhancements the most. Another study reported men were most attracted to women who wore foundation and eye makeup, and didn't find lipstick increased a woman's attractiveness.

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