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How To Spice It Up In Bed When You're A Busy Mom

When you spend the day taking care of (and running after) the kids, you pretty much learn to appreciate any opportunity to finally crawl into bed and just relax. After being on your feet for hours, catching some much needed sleep becomes a top priority. That's what makes it so frustrating when your husband chooses that exact moment to try and initiate sex. Seriously, after the day you just had, how could he not know that sex is definitely the last thing on your mind?

When Dr. Suzanne Olds mentions that it's normal to feel too exhausted to be intimate with your partner, we couldn't agree more! It's totally understandable that you're not in the mood; you don't have to feel guilty that just the thought of intimacy gives you a headache. Recent studies have actually shown that men want sex about four times more than women do. It's important to remember that wanting to postpone or initiate at a better time doesn't make you a bad person. Between work, kids and managing a household, it makes sense that you're feeling swamped. Your schedule doesn't leave much time for being in the mood. There's no question that you do want to connect with your husband on an emotional and physical level — the timing just has to be right. The best part is that the short, arousing films from After Nine Tonight can help you bring intimacy back into your marriage even when you aren't in the mood.