What Do Women Really Think ... Of Tinder?

We know what the guys think, now the ladies dish on the hottest dating app.

What Do Women Really Think ... Of Tinder? Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

If you haven't already, you're going to have to make room in your phone for another app that lures in your fellow singles. Tinder is the fastest-growing free dating app in the country, setting up more than 4 million matches per day. As with all apps, it promises to offer something that the others do not. What could that something possibly be? Take notes, and you may find yourself downloading it stat.


First of all, in the same vein as casual sex app Grindr for gay men, Tinder allows you to browse through the singles closest to you. The app pulls in information from your Facebook profile, so setting it up is quick and easy. You just choose your six most flattering photos, a tagline, and then start swiping through nearby singles. It also lets you know when you have a Facebook friend in common with someone, so you can see if a there's potential for love, or at least a hookup, there. What else are friends-of-friends for anyway?

It also, in a brilliant marketing idea on the part of the creators, had a guest appearance on the most recent episode of The Mindy Project. If Mindy Kaling's alter ego is using it, then maybe the rest of us should give it a try, too? Sure; why not?


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Devon Zdatny recently wrote an article for Huffington Post about how one can fix their weak Tinder game. It's definitely a must-read for those who are thinking about joining or, at the very least, want further insight on to how to be a stand-out candidate on it.

We were fortunate enough to have the chance to ask her, perfecting the Tinder game aside, her thoughts on the app. "I love Tinder and think it's completely revolutionary for online dating. The ease of the app makes it seem like less of a chore and more like a game. Also, the idea that I don't even have to hear from someone if I'm not interested in them takes a ton of the pressure off. It's filled with a ton of attractive and highly successful men, so I have my pick of the litter!"

Despite Devon's glowing review, not everyone else thinks highly of it. Earlier this week we asked the guys about Tinder, and now we turn to the ladies to see what they think about the dating tool nicknamed the "hookup app", what they really use it for and if it's something that, perhaps, is definitely better than the others.


What's in a name?
"I've never heard of it, but the name reminds me of Grindr …. or a campfire. I'm not a big fan of camping," says Holly, 26

"I knew it was a dating app, but thought it was another Grindr. I'm not interested in something that just gets me laid," says Dayva, 32

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Nope, don't need an app for that
"I think Tinder is too much of a hookup app. For females, it's easy to walk into a bar and chat with a guy and then hook up. If that's what I want, I don't need an app for that. I decided to go the more serious route of going on OKCupid so that I could go on dates. And, it's more likely that people are looking for something more serious there than on Tinder." — Stephanie, 26


They were few and far between, but we did find a couple women using it.
"I've used it, but never had a date come out of it. I do know someone (a gay guy) who met his boyfriend through Tinder. It’s like Quick Match on OKCupid, but almost entirely photo based. Seems more useful for hookups. But I like that it tells you if you have Facebook friends in common, so you could, in theory, get in touch that way." — Amelia, 33

"I was using tinder for about three months. The first two months seemed fun, but mostly everyone is on there for sex. I meet some guys who turned out crazy. I deleted the app, because in the end it's all a cat-and-mouse game." — Katelyn

"I've recently become addicted to Tinder. I like it for these reasons: 1) you get instant feedback if the person you've just liked has liked you back already. This instant feedback keeps you coming back to check for more matches. 2) You get to see who you two have in common for friends on Facebook. This helps you quickly judge if you'd be a good match. It's also a great vote of confidence if someone you are friends with thinks this other person is also friend-worthy. 3) You get to see what common interests you have, and not the stuffy "likes dogs" or "enjoys music" stuff on dating websites, but it actually shows the artists you both like on Facebook or the museums you're interested in. It also is interesting to see how someone's picture doesn't always align with their interests, so you're able to evaluate the person on more than just their picture. — Anna, 32  

So what are we using it for?
"Tinder is AMAZING! I'm a big proponent. I've been on about 10 Tinder dates — with some of the hottest guys. And yes, there is a aura of sex on Tinder, and a few guys were all about sex, but definitely not all of them. I'd suggest before you meet up with a guy — let him know you are NOT trying to just hook up ... some will not be interested automatically, but that's a good thing to know — unless that's what you are looking for! One of my girlfriends met her boyfriend of five months on Tinder, and he's such a gentleman." — Mary, 25


"I had just gotten out of a three year relationship, and after never having been over 21 and single before, I felt a little confused about the whole dating scene. I went out on a few dates with a few guys [from the app] until I met my current boyfriend. Most of them were just looking for sex and were losers, so I got lucky in my opinion." — Erica, 23

"Tinder has gotten me about a dozen first dates (in about two months of usage), a handful of second dates, but hasn't resulted in anything serious. At the end of the day, I really just use it to meet great people to have a good time. Sadly, I think the same issues exist with the app that exist in real life: Males and females use it for completely different purposes. The ladies are looking for love, and the guys are looking for sex — that doesn't change." — Devon

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Having launched in September 2012, Tinder is still pretty new to the dating app scene, so we'll have to wait on more feedback before we can give it a definitive "yay" or "nay." But one thing definitely seems clear: if you're looking to get your sexin’ on, Tinder, ladies and gents, might be the app for you. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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