What Guys Really Think … Of Tinder

Are they all on it? Is it really just for hooking up? Guys dish on the hottest dating app.

Man smiling while looking at the phone

Tinder, the latest, greatest (and laziest) dating app to hit the market has revolutionized the dating game. You can literally search for people in closest proximity to you at this very moment and you don't even need to fill out a profile. Aside from searching in your area, you can meet friends-of-friends and judge potential mates based on their uploaded Facebook photos. Really, it's everything you love about dating and convenience, all from the comfort of your couch (or wherever else you are at this very moment).


The hot app even made an appearance in the latest of the episode of The Mindy Project, where Mindy explains it's not just for casual sex, it's for finding cool people, too.

But what do guys really think of the Seamless of dating apps? Has Tinder made it easier for them to meet girls? Or just simplified the hookup process? We asked, they told.

"I've Heard Of It … But I Have No Clue How It Works."
The app, still a relatively fresh face in the app world, hasn't made a splash as far as everyone's concerned.

Ryan, 30, says that he's "heard of the app, but never thought twice about downloading it or signing on. Is it free?" (Yes, it is.)


And Brandon, 24, says that he has "a few friends that use the app, but I've never really considered logging on. I'm not sure if it's like Match.com or HowAboutWe.com or JDate.com? And, are there cute girls?" (No, no, no and yes.)

Marc, 27, has heard of Tinder but as of right now, has no intention of joining. He says that "my new years resolution was to meet women in real life, without the cloak of a dating website to let us hide behind. But even before the New Year kicked off, I knew about Tinder. It just always felt more like a site devoted to making it easier to get a** in your area."

"Tinder Doesn't Make It Easier To Meet Girls, But It Does Make It Easier To Have Sex."
Joel jokingly says that he loves Tinder because it's "basically like MySpace for adults. I get to talk to girls for a few hours and then meet up with them at a bar, grab a few drinks and come back and have sex. The nice thing about it is that I don't take Tinder seriously, so it's not like I’m trying to find the love of my life and what I got instead was an awesome one-night stand. I think that everyone, at least everyone that I've met, is using Tinder for just a hookup. Keep it fun, no strings attached."

"I'm on basically every dating site you can imagine," says Benjamin, 28, "but I really only use Tinder for getting laid. It sounds bad, I know, but it's like a stress-reliever. I go out on all these dates and pay all this money to meet a good girl and then when I can't take it anymore, I just log on to Tinder and find someone I can shoot the sh*t with over a beer and then go home and let our frustrations out. I don't know why, but there's so much less pressure on dating on Tinder. It's more laidback."


"When I'm bored at home I use Tinder," says Phil, 27. "I don't want to pay to use all those other dating sites so I just casually scroll through to see what's going on. I've met and hooked up with a few girls on the site — and it's been fun because they don't really take it seriously either. The only thing that'’s a little nerve-wracking if the person you're going to get is really the person whose pictures you've been staring at for hours, you know? But it's way more personal and intimate and less stuffy and stressful than other sites."

"I Use It But Don't Take It Seriously."
Mike laughs and says, "of course I'm on Tinder! Isn't everyone?" He also adds that doesn't take it seriously. "It's like so many other sites: You can judge people based on the five pictures they upload. If they're cute you 'like' it, if they're ugly you 'nope' them. It's really not set up to meet the lady or guy of your dreams."

Jake, 25, says that he and a few guy friends decided to start using it based on a bet; they wanted to see who could take home the most girls. "Yeah," he says, "I didn't win, but I did meet a lot of girls." But when asked if he still talks to those girls he met through the app, he says "No. They were like fleeting foxes. You hung out with them one weekend, hooked up and then they moved on to the next guys and you moved on to the next row of girls. It's not set up for taking home your future Mr. or Mrs., you know?"


"I use it to f*ck around and talk to girls," Adam, 26 says. "I'm a little bit more cheeky, dirty and raunchy on Tinder, but isn't that the point?"