22 Signs You're Obsessed With 'Orange Is The New Black'

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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Orange Is The New Black! However, you've had almost three months to catch up. Stop reading if you haven't finished season two. Although, if you haven't finished, then you won't relate to this anyways.

Have you seen Orange is The New Black so many times that you know all the characters and their back stories? Maybe you call all your friends by their last names because that’s what happens in prison (apparently). These are just a couple of signs that you are a diehard OITNB fan and you probably have an addiction.

The Emmys are on Monday, and our favorite women of Litchfield will be there because they are nominated for quite a bit of awards. So, in honor of their nominations and our obsession with them we have put together a sure fire way for you to fuel your OITNB addiction. Here are 22 signs you're totally in love with the Netflix drama:

This was you when season 2 became available on Netflix:


…And this was what you looked like the rest of the weekend:

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'OITNB' has made you contemplate what jail would actually be like IRL. It would probably go something like this:


And you've definitely told yourself that you could totally handle it:


Sometimes you think about what you crime you would've committed to be put in Litchfield:


Most of the time you really want to punch Piper in the face for being selfish:


But when Larry and Polly hooked up, you couldn't even handle it:


The first time you saw the cast out of costumes you didn't even recognize then:


Any time you see a guy with a mustache you nickname him "Pornstache", because it’s fun:


When you found out Morello was a stalker you were like:


You really just want Crazy Eyes to be happy:


Yes, you do know every word to "You've Got Time":


And it irritates you when people fast forward through the song, because you want to sing it:


Miss Rosa hitting Vee with the car was the best thing that's ever happened. Like ever:


Except for when Caputo took down Natalie Figueroa:


When you saw the satire article that said the show was cancelled your heart skipped a beat:


You want to meet the real Piper Chapman so you personally thank her for making your life better:


You're friends have grown tired of you trying to make orange happen:


Now that it's over, you will be patiently stalking the cast's every move until season 3:


When you found out a bunch of them were nominated for Emmys you were like:


But, if they don't win, you are prepared to riot:


P.S. Pennsatucky is the best.