The Truth: Does More Makeup Make You Look Older Or Younger?

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When it comes to getting ready for a date, what look do you choose? Do you keep it low-key? Perhaps, one step above what you'd wear to the office? Or maybe break out the blue eye-shadow and hot pink lipstick, because, well, it's Friday night, baby! Or maybe you're in that au natural group, the one where the only "makeup" you wear is lip balm, and if someone isn't down with that than you'll just pass anyway. I mean, do you really need someone's input on what THEY think YOU look best in? Go ahead and admit it: you kind of want to know.

Once again eBay Fashions decided to put an end to all that inner querying you're having about what look works best for you. Similar to their experiment with "Peacocking," eBay Fashions took 12 women and had them pose sans makeup, with professional makeup, and totally glammed up to the nines. Then they brought in 1000 respondents to give their input on each look. Not too surprisingly, women get judged big time for their choice in makeup.

When it came to who looked most fun, outgoing, and funny it was the glammed up group who came in first place. Because, as we all know, magenta lipstick means you're a blast. It's science, really!

The most attractive was the group that opted for the professional group, which makes sense; a happy medium does seem to win points with both men and women. But sadly, the no makeup look scored only a 4.94 on a scale from one to 10. Does this mean au natural is out of style these days? Should I finally learn how to wear eyeliner?

Those perceived as "most intelligent" and "most responsible," women who donned the professional look, were the ones who came in first. They were also deemed the most trustworthy, because, hey, stereotypes exist for a reason, right? That must be it! In keeping with weird stereotypes, it was the no makeup look that made a woman appear more kind. Oh! How looks can be deceiving!

Before the research was over, the glammed up crew once again came in first for most confident, most creative, and most wealthy. What the wha--? I can see the first two, but how does excessive makeup transition to big bucks? For all we know the glammed up women could be in head-to-toe Wet n' Wild cosmetics; not exactly some pricey stuff there. But, because the glammed up ladies can't have all the fun, it was them who appeared to be older than their actual age. In fact, glamification (yes, totally a word in my book) "added an average of 3.5 years to their perceived age!" Ha! Now who’s the fancy one in town?

It goes to show that we absolutely judge a book by it's cover, but I'm pretty sure we already knew that. However, what it also proves is different looks are more suitable for different situations. You just need to test out the waters, before you commit to a look for the night.

Still need some help in deciding? Then this interactive flipbook will help.

via How Makeup Changes Perception

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