Surgeries For Selfies? We Have Officially Gone Too Far

selfie with camera

Selfies have been in some interesting headlines lately. We've seen the guy who was rightfully kicked in the head for stupidly trying to take a selfie right next to a MOVING TRAIN. Then there were the "phone thieves" who decided to celebrate with their stolen good by taking a selfie ... that included their faces ... which then led to them being caught. But now we have a new story that I think tops it all — in the worst way.

A 33-year-old Manhattan woman named Christa Hendershot had hand surgery because she wasn't happy with her engagement ring selfies. Yes, she spent $3,000 to improve a hand selfie. You may wonder how terrible this woman's hands must have looked to be pushed to do this. I will save you the trouble by telling you that it looks like a normal hand, but I know you won't be able to resist so here are the before and after photosThe woman however believes her hand before surgery looked too "veiny". 

Hendershot turned to a facial plastic surgeon to fix this problem with hand rejuvenation surgery instead of saving some money by using foundation to cover up the appearance of veins. Also isn't there an app (or filter) for that?

But Hendershot hasn't been the only one so far to go the surgery route for the hand selfie  hand rejuvenation has rocketed by 40 percent since the rise of social media and selfies, according to NYC dermatologist, Ariel Ostad

Now I get the argument that it's her money and her body. If she wants to spend money to improve herself the way she sees fit then go for it, but there is a very important thing I'd like to remind you of. The "engagement ring" selfie is just one of thousands selfies that will be on many of our social media accounts. Of course it's a big thing in the engagement process, but chances are, years later you aren't going to be looking at the picture of your hand with your engagement ring. Why? Because you will be wearing the ring so often you'll know what it looks like! Unless you include your face that is full of excitement in this selfie then there is absolutely nothing special about it, and chances are slim that you'll look back on it.

Also there are so many other ways to take a picture of your engagement ring. You can find hundreds of ideas on Pinterest for free. You can sit it on a flat surface, or pose it on the heel of your favorite stiletto. If anything, you would be little more original to use that as social media announcement instead of just a picture of your hand. Once you think about it, no one is really looking at your hand in this selfie. Yes, get the nice manicure so you're not grossing out any of your friends — but hand rejuvenation is overkill. After all, when else is the appearance of your hand going to "make or break" your selfie? This is definitely not a long-term investment.

Hopefully this isn't a sign of the four horsemen. Selfies can certainly teach you many lessons that can raise your self-esteem, but this is an example of them doing the opposite. People shouldn't be letting pictures of themselves run their lives to the point where they start altering their appearances. 

What do you think about getting surgery for selfies? Tell us in the comments below.