7 Reasons California Is The Absolute Worst Place To Find A Guy

Think your dating life is hard? Try dating in California ...

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Well, this may not be news to a lot of west coast women out there, but it's official ... California is the worst place to date for the straight ladies. DirtSearch.org, a free way to anonymously do background checks, conducted a survey to find the top 10 worst states to find a decent guy. California came in at number one.

After reviewing over 1.5 million search records, a lot of juicy stuff surfaced — and by juicy we mean horrifying. From crimes such as petty theft, identity theft, fraud, back child support paymentss etc. to harder criminal charges, it's safe to say Cali men did not have the cleanest records. But how can this be?! The same state that has given us iconic romantic movies is also the place that's lacking romance in real life.


We asked a few ladies who have experienced the Californian dating life to shed more light on why finding a decent guy in their state is rough.

1. Most Of The Men Only Have One Type
"Well, the guys are looking for pretty, thin, white blond girls...with perfect bodies...and no brains," said Joanne G., 58. "Yes, competition is stiff and people have unrealistic expectations. People are fake in California."

2. Dating Is Expensive
"I think that it's a little because of the fact that everything is so expensive there that no one can go out on a real date," said Marci R.,22 who recently moved out the Golden State. "Plus down there it's more of a flirty or hit it stage for some guys, and for others it's that they don't have much guts as other guys in different states do."


3. Women Have Unrealistic Expectations
"Women might have unrealistic expectations. Their idea of a decent guy might not exist. Expectations might be higher in California with Hollywood and more money influencing people," said Sima K., 35. She then went on to list off all the unrealistic things some women are looking for. "Great job, nice car, big house, wife doesn't have to work, great looking." That's a hard list to fit for just one guy!

4. People Are More Focused On Their Careers Over Finding A Relationship
"People don't want to commit," said Diana O., 21. "From my people and friends, I've realized that they become more focused on trying to be successful, and reach their personal goals first. A lot of them are going through school and just take that more seriously than dating."

5. There Are Too Many Players Online
"A lot of people do the online thing, but now that I see the ads and the comments, it's a joke," said Loree T., 51. "There are a lot of players online. The only way to mett somebody is to do it the old fashioned way."

6. The Pace Of Life Is Faster
"What comes to my mind is that the pace of everything there is faster, and people don't take the time to spend getting to know a new person," said Virginia T.,50.


7. The Vibe Takes Time To Adust To
"From my experience being on the East coast is that the vibe is different," said Krystal, 33. She talked about how on the East coast people get more dressed up to go out, which different takes getting used to when you switch coasts. She does however give some good advice. "I think that if you had a fun group of friends to hang out with then dating is easy."