5 SUPER Creepy Ways Your Psycho Ex And The NSA are A LOT Alike

Love, Heartbreak

Do any of these sound familiar? Your psycho ex-boyfriend and the NSA have A LOT in common.

By now we all know that the National Security Agency has their eye on us, and not in a cute, flirtatious way. The NSA tracks everything we do. It's both fascinating ... and creepy as hell.

We imagine the world of spies through the eyes of Carrie Mathison of Homeland and Annie Walker of Covert Affairs. While it seems cool, the real NSA is starting to remind us more and more of a psycho, stalker ex-boyfriend we can't shake post breakup. So not cool.

Thanks to infamous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, we've caught the NSA red-handed acting super clingy and creepy.


What Boundaries?

Just like your ex, the NSA has series boundary issues (in this case: NO boundaries). In fact, one of their operations is called Boundless Informant. Basically, Boundless Informant allows the NSA to collect and monitor "http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/aug/09/nsa-loophole-warrantless-searches-email-calls">"identifiers" AKA your metadata, AKA all of your personal information.
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You're Being Wiretapped

They know when you're talking to your new boyfriend. In fact, they know when you're talking to ANYONE.

The NSA even monitored the cell phones of foreign politicians at 2009's G20 Summit in London using "fake internet cafés." At least it's not just us.
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Private Emails? Not A Chance

Your ex is checking your messages. And though you might shut your ex down by changing the password, the NSA's still reading. (So, they also know when there's a 75% off flash sale at Kate Spade.)
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Sleeping With Your Friends

Is your ex suddenly buddy-buddy with (or straight up romancing) your best frenemy, but acting like he's not? The NSA is stealing that move, too. In an interview with documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, Edward Snowden said that the NSA is "in bed with the Germans." Meaning the NSA shares information with U.S. ally Germany, and vice versa. However, with the latest developments in the Edward Snowden vs. NSA saga, it could mean even more.
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Your Sexy Photos Are Fair Game

Revenge porn. Privacy invasion. Whatever you call it ... the NSA getting in on this action is a new development.

The NSA had a sharing circle for nude, "sexually compromising" photos they intercepted. But, hello! If it's not your naked picture, you shouldn't be sharing it ... even if you are the NSA.
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