3 Fabulously Fun DIY Projects To Do With The One You Love


Remember when you thought Ikea would be a fun DIY adventure for you and your honey? You get Swedish meatballs while you shop, the Vejmon table looks great in the store, and you take the unassembled version home for a fun weekend project. It's glorious. 


Your living room is a mess, there are random table legs and screws lying around. 4A? That does not look like the picture. 22F? That doesn’t even exist! (Unless it's this teeny screw). What does all this even mean? Ugh.

Soon enough, your fun Ikea adventure turns into an all out battle because both of you are frustrated and wishing you had just paid the darn extra 10% to have the table built for you (but that would've been less couple-y). At this point the box becomes the table until you regain the motivation (and strength) to tackle the DIY from hell.

Give yourself, and your love, a break this weekend, and don't buy unassembled Swedish furniture! We've put together three totally fun, couple-friendly DIY projects for you to try out this Fourth of July weekend.

Paint Your Wall With Paint Swatches

Deciding what color to paint your walls can be agonizing and difficult to agree upon. So, why not fill the wall with all the colors using paint swatches from your local paint/home improvement store? They're free. They're fun. Run with it. Find the full instructions here

Have you heard of A Beautiful Mess? Run by gal pals Elsie and Emma, it's a DIYer's dream site, and we're currently swooning over it

One of the great DIY projects we love on A Beautiful Mess is Elsie's Restyled Cocktail Cart.

If you like to get boozy with your couple friends, having a cocktail cart is a must. But they can be a little pricey. Elsie's Restyled Cocktail Cart is just as functional and (dare we say?) cuter what you could find on the market.

Elsie bought the disheveled original, already assembled piece of furniture from a flea market and made it shine. It looks brand new. Read her DIY cocktail cart tips here.

Another great A Beautiful Mess DIY is the His and Hers Pillow Cases How romantic!

The two pillows, when placed next to each other, create a heart that reads "His | Hers." We can't get over how cute it looks (and how easy it seems)! Have a loving weekend with your man and create these adorable pillow cases. Note: sewing skills and/or sewing machine required. Learn how to make these adorable pillow cases here.

Will you try any of these DIY projects over the long weekend?