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The 7 Craziest Texts From The Tinder Lawsuit

Abuse: The 7 Craziest Texts From The Tinder Lawsuit

For those of you who haven't heard of the Tinder lawsuit yet, here are the Cliff's Notes. Whitney Wolfe, one of the original founders of Tinder, was subjected to abuse from her former boyfriend, fellow co-founder Justin Mateen. He sent her text after insane text, and Wolfe eventually stepped down from her position in April of this year. She received no support from CEO Sean Rad, who, along with Mateen, denied Wolfe her rights as a co-founder because she is a woman (they quite literally said it's because "you're a girl").

Included in the complaint, which you can see in its entirety here, are many of the texts that Mateen sent Wolfe, and we've rounded up the oddest ones here for you. Mateen took crazy to the next level in the abusive texts he sent Wolfe. Thankfully, he has been removed from his post at Tinder, pending an investigation brought about by the sexual harassment suit Wolfe brought against the company.

All texts are reprinted exactly as they appear in the complaint. Mateen just needs to learn how to type.

Justin Mateen: Go talk to ur year old fucking accomplished nobody. I will shit on him in life.

Justin Mateen: Let's see if that homo can make money without daddy I have 5 wins under my belt and in hungry as fuck. And I'm the best father. The best husband.

Justin Mateen: No I don't want you to talk to middle aged Muslim men who fly out gold diggers and flirted with my ex gf

Justin Mateen: Hagsgagahaha so pathetic I even imagined a life w u I actually thought you would be a good mother and wife. I have horrible judgment. He can enjoy my leftovers.

Whitney Wolfe: I don't vacation w half boyfriends
Justin Mateen: But it could have helped lead us there. I understand. You prefer to social climb middle aged Muslim pigs that stand for nothing.

Justin Mateen: Liberal lying desperate slut

Justin Mateen: And hung out w Muslims that are not loyal who tried to do shady shut to me Last night u groped u with liz.