Dating Cardboard Cutouts: Creepy Or Totally Awesome?

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Cardboard cutouts are (suddenly) trendy!

At just under $20 on eBay, why wouldn't you buy a life-sized cardboard cutout of your fave celeb? Hey, Ryan Gosling!

Or is it a little creepy? Maybe. But whatever.

It all started with the Instagram account mydaywithleo, where a Leonardo DiCaprio fan posts photos featuring magazine cutouts of Leo circa Titanic carefully held into the frame.

Mag-cut-out Leo is seen hanging out with the Hare Krishnas in NYC's Union Square, dancing at Pride and even doing Yoga in the park. So many activities!

Then mom-of-two blogger Danielle took the trend to the next level: she bought a cardboard cutout of her celeb dream hubby, Bradley Cooper, and created the Instagram project dubbed My Life With Bradley Cooper.

When he's not serenading her with French je ne sais quoi, cardboard cutout Bradley is pushing her around the supermarket in a cart, mowing the lawn, or even helping her in the kitchen — all in a tuxedo!

Hilarious. (And also kinda brilliant).

We might have to purchase a Ryan Gosling cutout. He could totes hang out at the office whispering his motivational "Hey Girls." Hey, boy!

While we joke about this awesome trend, Jinna Kwon Yang used it to honor her late father in the most beautiful way.

She made his dream of traveling the world come true by taking a cardboard cutout of him on her travels and snapping photos with him along the way! Jinna's touching tribute to her father — who died of cancer in 2012 — shows the softer side to the cardboard cutout trend.

We can get creepy with celeb cutouts, but Jinna’s #ForMyFather project is wow-worthy!

What do you think of the trendy status of cardboard cutouts?