10 Signs It's Time To 'Let Go' Of Your 'Frozen' Obsession


Sometimes you can love something a lot, like Ryan Gosling. And puppies. And Ryan Gosling cuddling puppies.

Expressing your love for something is great and all, except when you take it to a whole new level. Frozen exploded this year and people have literally gone crazy with Elsa and Anna obsessions. Not even rock stars can resist the allure of "Let It Go". Case in point: the video below. At a performance in Milan, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder — a father of two young daughters — tapped into his inner Elsa and added a little Disney magic to their show:

Eddie's not alone. From booking trips to Norway (going to a fictional location, might we add) to permanently branding your body with Frozen references, here are 10 signs that your obsession has become a serious problem, for you, and everyone around you.


You've named your newborn Elsa.
Okay, it's a cute name right now, but your child will forever be named after a temporary fad.. We have a feeling your teenage kid won't be too thrilled with their namesake in 2030. According to Babycenter, the name Elsa has increased in popularity by 34 percent since the movie was released. Anna has increased too, but it was already a pretty common name (so Annas, you're off the hook).


You've permanently branded yourself with a Frozen tattoo.
Do you know how painful it is to get a tattoo removed? Well these people will know soon enough when they realize their Frozen tattoos aren't eternally cool anymore in a few months.


You've made a viral video singing Frozen songs.
Seriously though, even though the viral video of the parents lip-syncing "Love is An Open Door" is hilarious, they are more obsessed with Frozen than their young daughter. When you think about it in that aspect, it's a little embarrassing.

You've made a viral video singing

You've filed for divorce over a Disney animated movie.
One woman is so obsessed with Frozen that when her husband admitted he didn't care too much for the movie, she responded with divorce papers. Her reasoning? "If you can't understand what makes this movie great, there's something wrong with you as a human being." Personally, we think this guy got out of his marriage at the perfect time.


You've punched someone over Frozen merchandise.
You love Frozen so much that you are actually willing to get punched in the face for the movie merchandise. The Disney store in Times Square, NY has parents in a frenzy trying to get their hands on Anna and Elsa merchandise. According to store employees there have been various physical altercations. Step away from the toys, parents!


On that same note, you've lied about your kid being 'sick'.
A Disney store employee has also stated that parents will lie about their children being sick for the chance of getting Frozen toys. Someone is sick, and it isn't your child. These crazy parents need some help, and soon!


You already paid for your Frozen themed trip to Norway.
Watch out, Norway! While tourism is up 37 percent from last year, now you're going to be surrounded by the craziest of all the crazy Frozen fans. In fact, Disney and Norway have teamed up to bring fans on a Frozen-inspired trip to the fjord, on which Arendelle is based. We prefer to stay out of that scary mob!


You're so obsessed that you got an Idina Menzel tattoo.
One runway model was spotted with an "Idina" tattoo in the infamous Disney font. Where are the fashion police? Where was Anna Wintour to ban this tragedy? In our opinion, it's way creepier (and stalker-ish) to get permanent ink with an actor's name on it versus a fictional character.


You dress up to look like Elsa on a daily basis.
A teen girl in Florida actually went viral for looking like the Frozen princess! She dresses up like the Disney princess on a daily basis and visits hospitals, making little girls happy! While it’s good for her, not everyone can pull of the everyday Elsa look.


Finally, every time you start to sing a Frozen song, someone tells you to stop
We're all sick of Frozen. Sick of hearing about it and sick of people obsessing over it, but no one is as sick of Elsa, Olaf, Anna and the gang like Claire is. Claire is a baby and every time someone sings Frozen songs, she cries. We totally understand, Claire.