20 Reasons 'Frozen' Is The Best Disney Movie Yet


Caution, this article may contain spoilers, but if you don't know the end of a Disney movie, then maybe you shouldn't be reading this article anyways.

Haven't seen Frozen yet? Well you need to see it immediately. It's about two sisters and one of them has magical ice powers. After being exposed to the kingdom as a sorceress, Elsa (Idina Menzel) runs away creating an eternal winter. Her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) has no choice but to find Elsa and try end the cold and return to summer.

Here are 20 reasons we love the newest Disney flick:

Imagine being able to play in snow and build snowmen wherever and whenever you wanted:


Add in Disney princesses:


And a talking snowman:

Perez Hilton

Whose name is Olaf:


What do you get? The best Disney movie ever, obviously:


Olaf's one-liners are dead on. Every. Time:


Idina Menzel plays Elsa, and everyone knows Idina can do no wrong. Her voice is that of an angel:


Also, who even knew Veronica Mars could sing? Because she can:


Never before did we realize how awesome having magical ice powers could be:


However, it reminded everyone that being cold really kind of sucks sometimes:


The jerk in the movie is named Hanz; what a great name for an asshole!


Even though Kristoff (Anna's love interest) is no Flynn Rider, he is adorable and you really can't turn away a guy with a reindeer for a pet:

Reaction Gifs

Plus, he was raised by singing trolls. Some might find that weird, but we think it's awesome:


The movie teaches kids not to get engaged to someone you met that day. Finally, Disney, finally:


And teaches you what true love really means:


Instead of the epitome of love being "true love's kiss," like it normally is, Anna saves her sister from being killed. I mean, what's more loving than that?


Move over, Jasmine and Belle, Elsa can walk on water, like Jesus, so she's automatically better than you:


And the music is so damn catchy that "Let It Go" has been on repeat for months:


Best part in the movie? This hair roll. Get it girl:


By the way, this movie is so great that they already received the green light to create a Broadway version: