Kelly Clarkson's Blended Family Is Just Perfect

Kelly Clarkson's hubby Brandon Blackstock and his ex-wife prove peaceful co-parenting is a thing.

Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock

Co-parenting ain't easy. Just ask Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame and singer LeAnn Rimes, who can't get it right as they battle in the press and in their personal lives while Rimes attempts to co-parent Glanville's kids with her hubby (and Glanville's ex) Eddie Cibrian. Not everyone fails as miserably or as spectacularly at co-parenting efforts nor do all blended families try to make the kids choose which mommy they prefer. Singer Kelly Clarkson's husband Brandon Blackstock and his ex-wife Melissa Ashworth White share two kids and they are a shining, golden and to-be-emulated example of co-parenting done right. They proved it when Clarkson and Blackstock had their daughter.


Glanville and Rimes, and other battling mixed families, could learn a lesson from the Clarkson/Blackstock/White peaceful co-existence.

White was beyond thrilled to help welcome River Rose Blackstock, the first daughter for Kelly and Brandon, who arrived on June 12.

White met little River on June 14, just two days after she made her grand entrance into the world and into White's blended family. "She's just absolutely precious and Kelly is doing great," White told RadarOnline.

White and Blackstock, who split in 2012, are parents to Savannah, 13, and Seth, 7, aka River's old siblings. They share the same DNA via their father, so they are indeed family on every level. White is very close with her ex-hubby and his new wife, saying, "We have a wonderful relationship. I love Kelly and we get along great, and my husband and I hang out with them all the time."


OMG, please tell us that they have board game nights and that Clarkson kills it at Pictionary or Monopoly! Or, better yet, at karaoke. That last one sorta goes without saying, being that she is the OG American Idol winner and all.

White even posted the first time she met River on Facebook, writing: "Earlier today I got to see the 3rd most precious baby in my life… River Rose Blackstock! It's a love I can't explain, she is apart [sic] of my kids…" 

It's not a common scenario but these two families are proof that it does indeed work. Brandi, LeAnn, are you taking notes? If not, you should be.