Keep Arguing: Love Advice From A Couple Married 75 Years


"The advice I would give to young people getting married these days is to argue lots but always remember to get over it," Sally Littlewood — a 99-year-old British woman who just celebrated her 75th wedding anniversary with her 98-year-old husband, Joseph — advised the Daily Mail.

She and her husband credit arguing to their long-lasting love. Why, you ask? Because, after an argument, they can kiss and make up.

"It is never worth stewing over. People always have arguments, and in 75 years, we are going to have had a lot, but the key is to move on," Sally continued.

Take notes, people. This is relationship gold. Sally and Joseph met 81 years ago (1933). To put it into perspective: the original King Kong was still in theaters, and Hitler had just come into power. They were married at the start of World War II — 1939. And they're still as loving as ever.

"Kids these days," Sally said, "move in together not really knowing what they want from each other. If you are going to move in with someone, or marry them, you have to know love them."

Sally tributes the high divorce rate in today's society to people not having what they want. "When we were young, people just stuck together," hubby Joseph chimed in, "but back then we had courtship and that has now gone by the wayside."

Yeah, men of today! What the heck happened to courtship? Women still want to be courted à la The Notebook. Ryan Gosling, where art thou?

Our new fav real-life couple, Sally and Joseph, had a three year engagement which gave them plenty of time to get to know each other. Joseph wooed her by buying her a Mars chocolate bar after a dance where "all the boys would stand at one end and the girls at the other." She was twelve. Who need diamonds? Chocolate is the real way to a lady's heart.

"I will always remember us dancing before he took me on a walk and bought me a Mars bar. He was from a posh family and we were really poor — he just charmed me off my feet," Sally said. The. Notebook. Swoon. "He worked in finance and I worked 6:30am to 5pm everyday at the [cotton] mill. After that we fell in love," she continued.

Weeks after their wedding in 1939, Joseph enlisted in the army, and they didn't see each other until the end of the war in 1945. Despite spending their first six years of marriage apart, "we wrote love letters to each other because it was the only way we could cope," Sally said. "I would just tell him what I was up to and that I loved him."

Sally and Joseph have two children — 68-year-old Wyn and 66-year-old Terence. Wyn commented on her parents' everlasting love: "Unless things were really really bad between married couples, it used to be the case they would try to stay together through thick and thin. I think the thing about my parents is that they just try really hard and they kept working at it."

The moral of the story is relationships are hard work, but if you truly love someone, you'll try hard to make it work. "My parents hit the jackpot," Wyn said.

Happy Anniversary Sally and Joseph! We can only hope to hit the jackpot one day too!