Horse Makes Therapeutic House Visits For Man With Cerebral Palsy


There is one much-loved young man in Barnsley, England. And we're not talking about his dear family, who would do anything for him. No, 22 year-old Ben Baldwin, who suffers from epilepsy, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities is the idol of his horse, Tiger.

Ben and Tiger adore each other, but Ben's illnesses often make it too difficult for him to go outside to see the piebald cob. So his family improvised.

Luckily, Ben's bedroom is on the first floor, making it much easier for his parents to bring Tiger into the house. Ben is overjoyed to see Tiger during these visits, and his mother Liz said, "Ben absolutely adores Tiger. His face lights up when he sees him and the smile on his face is priceless. You'd do anything for your children and sometimes when Ben is too ill to go to see Tiger, I bring Tiger into the house. He never flinches when Ben has an epileptic fit, he just shows so much compassion, love, tenderness and concern as if he understands his condition."

The therapeutic benefits of animals for the sick have long been confirmed. But this case takes the cake. It is truly astounding what a sweet, gentle animal like Tiger can do for a young man like Ben. Feel the love, y'all. Feel it.