20 Glorious Things You Didn't Know About Backstreet Boys!

Backstreet Boys, BSB

After eight studio albums, 12 major tours, and 21 years of friendship, Backstreet Boys have proved to the world that they're here to stay. While we were briefly concerned when Kevin left the group in 2006, they made the comeback tour with New Kids on The Block to rule all other comeback tours.

Now they're back touring the world this summer, proving that being in your 30s and 40s doesn't mean you can't rock the boy band world. Hear that 'N Sync?

Here are 20 things even the biggest Brian lover may not know about BSB:

Sorry 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys have sold more than 130 million albums worldwide, making them the best selling boy band of all time.
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Ready to feel old? The Backstreet Boys have been a band longer than 2014 high school seniors have been alive -- 21 years and still going strong!
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Before Kevin was a Backstreet Boy, he used his singing and acting skills on a regular basis dressing up as Aladdin at Disney World.
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The name Backstreet Boys came from a flea market in Orlando called the Backstreet Market.
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April 20, 1993 was the official date Backstreet Boys became a boy band.
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Their first performance together was at SeaWorld in May 1993, opening for Shamu. Three thousand people were present for the first BSB concert.
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When the band came together in 1993, Kevin was 22 years old (which means he is now 43!) and Nick Carter was the baby of the band at 13 years old (now 34).
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Stan Lee turned the boys into a comic titled "Backstreet Project." There was only one issue ever printed and we bet you could sell that for some major cash these days.
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Brian and Kevin are cousins!
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A.J. McLean once won a silver medal as a contestant on Nickelodeon's Global Guts in 1990 before he joined the band.
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Their very first single was "We've Got It Goin' On" and was released on September 5, 1995. Although it was popular around the world, it didn't break top 50 in the U.S.
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"I Want It That Way" topped the charts in 25 different countries in 1999.
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Lou Pearlman, the man responsible for bringing BSB together, is currently serving 25 years in prison for pulling one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of all time. In fact, the boys are still suing for millions they are owed from over the years.
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Howie is the master of dance. Although all the members have impressive skills, Howie is the only one to study dance professionally. When he was younger, Howie performed in an all-boy ballet troupe.
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Nick Carter is the only one in the group who doesn't have any children, but he just got married this year. The rest of them are definitely hot dads!
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A.J. quit smoking cigarettes because of how it affected his singing voice.
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Nick Carter is in Edward Scissorhands! He played a kid on a slip and slide.
When Brian was younger, he worked at the fast-food restaurant Long John Silver's.
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Since they became a band, A.J.'s mom Denise travelled around the world with them acting as their publicist.
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Nick Carter got his first writing credit on a song that he wrote with Brian for Nick's brother Aaron called "Ain't It Cute." He also helped write Leslie Carter's only hit song, "Like Wow."
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