The Simple Thing That Makes You Sexier, According To Science

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The Simple Thing That Makes You Sexier, According To Science

We've seen thousands of perfume commercials over the years that feature young models and actresses claiming that a certain perfume makes women sexy. They promise that you can seduce someone just with a few spritzes on your sensual zones like your neck, your wrist, and more.

But does perfume actually make you seem like that seductress instantly? Or does it actually turn people off? After all, we do know those people who are actually allergic to perfumes that promise to attract rather than repel.

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According to a study, the dazzling commercials aren't lying to you. That little bottle can make you hotter, and for some ladies younger!

Monell Chemical Senses Center released research that women's faces are more attractive when accompanied with pleasant odors. Cognitive neuroscientist, Janina Seubert believes that this may show a common site of neural processing in the brain.

It is, however, not clear whether scent can influence real visual perception of facial features or how we evaluate the face emotionally in the brain.

They said that "Odor pleasantness and facial attractiveness integrate into one joint emotional evaluation. This may indicate a common site of neural processing in the brain." The study surveyed 18 young adults, both male and female.

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Researchers found that things like wrinkles and blemishes along with perfume actually made the woman be perceived as being older, while a younger woman who sprayed on some perfume seemed younger. Sorry older ladies, looks like the youngins won this battle.

Jean-Marc Dessirier said that "These findings have fascinating implications in terms of how pleasant smells may help enhance natural appearance within social settings. 'The next step will be to see if the findings extend to evaluation of male facial attractiveness."

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Researchers also found that when both age groups wore something with an unpleasant smell, they seemed similar in age. So ladies, it looks like your investment in that perfume is a good one after all!

Nicole Weaver is a love and entertainment writer. 

Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 6, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.