Utah High School Tries To Desexualize Yearbook Photos

In WTF news, a Utah high school made an odd move.

Female students attending Wasatch High School in Wasatch County, Utah were recently not so pleasantly surprised to find that some of their yearbook photos had been altered, mostly to show less skin. Because, you know, these girls are showing up dressed like pole dancers.

Wait, they're not? You mean to tell us that they were just nice teenage girls in tank tops and blouses, not trying to look like sex symbols? Hmm, curious.

Yet more curious is the fact that not all of the girls (and none of the boys) were altered. It appears that the girls' photos were selected at random. In one case, two girls were wearing nearly identical shirts and jean vests, but only one of them had sleeves added.

The superintendent for Wasatch High School maintained that they reserve the right to alter photos, and everyone should have been aware, as a sign was posted on picture day.

Check out one of the retouched photos and tell us: was the school out of line, or within their rights to alter some of the girls?