Man Weds The Love Of His Life Just Days Before Her Death


What would you do if you learned that the love of your life, the mother of your child, the woman you'd been engaged to for nine years, was going to die? If you are Paul Wheatley, you start planning.

Donna and Paul Wheatley of Leeds, England knew that Donna was ill, but they didn't know the extent to which her diabetes had ravaged her body until Christmas Day of 2013, when a trip to the hospital for Donna's intense vomiting revealed heart and kidney failure. Paul and Donna had been engaged for the past nine years and had talked of getting hitched abroad, but never got around to it. But when they received word from Donna's doctors that she had just days to live in April, they made the decision to be united before it was too late.

The couple are parents to nine-year-old Kian, who served as best man at his parent's nuptials. Paul was able to put together a beautiful wedding for his beloved in just 24 hours. With the help of friends, family and local businesses, Paul arranged for everything a wedding calls for, from flowers to rings to a gown for Donna. They were married in the Leeds General Infirmary. Sadly for the little family, Donna passed away just six days later on April 24. 

Paul told the Daily Mail, 'It doesn't seem fair that I only got to call her my wife for six days, but I know I made those last days special.' Tragic as it is, we know that Paul and Kian will have the special memories of that week to remember Donna in the years to come.

Donna and her son, Kian

The big day

Donna and her boys