Taylor Kitsch On Kissing Jonathan Groff: 'We Had Fun With It'

The Normal Heart's Taylor Kitsch

Everyone's favorite blue collar sex symbol, Taylor Kitsch first raised pulses as wounded bad boy football star Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights.

Since then, he shed the long locks and added 20 pounds of muscle to play Navy SEAL Michael Murphy in the box office smash Lone Survivor. But in May, he tackles a very different role: a gay man dying of AIDS in the HBO adaptation of the play The Normal Heart, set in the early years of the crisis.

"It's a story about love and love lost," he says. But was there any special preparation to play a gay role? We asked ...

YourTango: You kiss Jonathan Groff in The Normal Heart. He's gay, you're not.
Taylor Kitsch:
It's funny, I didn't think too much about it. Groff is such a sweet guy that it wasn't even an ordeal, it really wasn't. I just go for it. We had fun with it.

YourTango: Fill in the blank: I'm a sucker for a woman who ___.
Taylor Kitsch:
... is very strong, self-assured. That's a big one for me.

YourTango: What is sexy in a woman?
Taylor Kitsch:
 For one — self-confidence.

YourTango: Anything physical?
Taylor Kitsch:
Yeah, I'm a fit guy so that's important to me. They don't have to be ripped or anything, but I like a woman who takes care of herself.

YourTango: Are you close with your family?
Taylor Kitsch:
Super close. I have two older brothers, three older sisters and my mom is my best friend.

YourTango: Do you want a family of your own?
Taylor Kitsch:
I can't wait. I just love kids. In due time. I'm 32, I'm in no rush. I'm so myopic with work and I'm not where I want to be yet.