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British Parents Cling To Love As Their Baby Clings To Life


Meet Chanel Murrish, Britain's newest little miracle. Just minutes after her birth and at 7lbs, she was rushed into an operating room to have open-heart surgery as one side of her heart wasn't beating. This is otherwise known as "hypoplastic left heart syndrome." She broke the record as the youngest patient to go through this procedure.

Chanel's parents were told before her birth that she was not going to make it. However, against the doctor's advice (twice!) for a termination, her parents refused to give up on their little bundle of love. Baby Chanel gave her parents a sign that it was the right decision during a scan when she gave her parents a thumbs up from inside the womb. And when Chanel's mother, Fay, felt her daughter kicking in-utero, she knew she could never give up her baby.

Chanel had a follow-up operation after her surgery right after birth. Against all odds, she is growing stronger by the day, proving that sometimes miracles happen!

Chanel’s parents have since raised £2,000 (about $3,3000) for Newcastle's Freeman Hospital, the institution that helped save their daughter. If you would like to contribute, please visit

Chanel's parents, Michael and Fay

A close-up of the sonogram

Baby Chanel, a little fighter