Want To Avoid Your Ex? Here Are 6 Apps For That!

The best avoidance apps to keep your ex where he belongs — in the past!

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Trying to avoid your ex? Not only can you be alerted when your ex is in the vicinity, but there's a new app called Split that will also provide you with a plan of escape to avoid an awkward encounter.

Want more ways to keep your ex out of your life? Read on for a list of apps to keep your ex where he belongs — in the past!

1. Cloak
Co-founded by Brian Moore, after running into his ex-girlfriend a whopping four times in six months, this app utilizes your Instagram and Foursquare accounts to alert you when an ex is in the area. The only catch being that, you'd need to be following your ex on one of those accounts in order to avoid them.


2. KillSwitch
An app that benefits the heart (literally — part of their proceeds go to the American Heart Association), KillSwitch deletes all of the nauseating traces of your ex from your Facebook timeline so that you don't have to — from your sticky sweet wall posts, to the links you sent each other of funny cat videos, photos of the two of you making stupid faces together, etc.

3. Split
The latest avoidance app to hit the scene, Split connects with your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare accounts, and allows you to create an entire list of people you'd like to avoid. If you're planning to head out to a certain area, Split can scan it in advance to make sure the coast is clear.


4. Ex Lover Blocker
Have you ever wished you consistently had your friends around to talk you out of calling your ex? Ex Lover Blocker will notify three friends of your choosing if you attempt to give your ex a call — and if you try it twice, it will publicly notify all of your facebook friends about your slip via an embarrassing status update.

5. Drunk Dial
If public shaming isn't enough to keep you from contacting your ex, perhaps an involved, time constrained, mathematical equation will do the trick.  Drunk Dial will make you pass their 'sobriety test' before allowing you to make that call (and it might even improve your long division).

6. Eternal Sunshine
If you want your ex off your newsfeed, but don't want to seem immature by defriending or blocking him, Eternal Sunshine will completely eliminate any place that your ex may pop up on Facebook.  While the Facebook "hide" option is limited, Eternal Sunshine blocks everything from suggested photo albums that may be harboring a picture of your ex and his new flame, to completely removing him from your Facebook chat list.


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