World Health Day: 6 Ways Being Healthy Makes You Hotter

See just how far a healthy diet goes when you're trying to snag yourself a date.

healthy woman

In case you didn't get the memo, today is World Health Day. It may not seem like much of a big deal while you reach for that fourth slice of pizza while contemplating dessert, but if you're in the market for love, then you probably should take note.

Studies have found that, more than anything else, folks find healthier people more attractive than those who need to get their immune system in gear. You may think a dash of lipstick or some mascara is all you need, but in reality, you're far more attractive when you eat healthy than when you don that Chanel. Why? Because a healthy diet does wonders for your complexion, and your natural glow and color. Wouldn't you prefer a natural rosiness to your cheeks as opposed to blush? More importantly, do people even use blush anymore?


EliteSingles brought in health coach, Jo Grobbelaar, to see just how far a healthy diet goes when you're trying to snag yourself a date. So before you reach for that next slice of oh-so greasy (and insanely delicious) pizza, look over these facts and figures, and see if you're swayed to step away from the grease and dive into the fresh produce.

1. Ladies, relax. Be cool, be cool!
Think about what stress and craziness does to your brain and body; a brain in turmoil, makes for a hot mess of a body. Dr. Rantala, at the University of Turku in Finland, found that when women can keep their stress levels in check they're far more attractive to men. As usual, there's a biological factor there, too. Stress is a major player in reducing fertility, so it makes sense that the gender that sows the seeds would instinctually prefer a uterus woman who has everything up to par.


2. Sweat is sexy.
First of all, sweating is completely naturally. It may seem kind of gross and probably not something you’d want someone to witness on a first date, but a study is here to save any sweating fears you may have. Research by Kristin McKinney at McKendree University, found a “strong correlation between adrenaline and levels of attraction, with those given an adrenaline boost through sport showing a much higher level of attraction.” In addition, that sweat proves that you’re a healthy person who works out and loves getting your body in shape, which means to many, you’re some really yummy stuff.

3. Skip the make-up.
Of course, make up is a boatload of fun when you don't HAVE to wear it, but for some, the thought of going into the world sans make-up is a version of hell they never want to realize. While flaws are "OK" (Lorde says so), what’s even better is getting your complexion to place where make-up is no longer an evil necessity. As a recent study at the University of St. Andrews found, our appearance is ultimately determined by what fuel we put into our bodies and how we treat this one-a-lifetime vessels, so keeping them healthy is going to contribute to men giving you the, "Hey, girl," nod.

4. Masculinity isn't as important as you think.
I guess this can't be too shocking considering what women find attractive sometimes. I know he's just a kid, but Justin Bieber? Come on! When women were asked their feelings on masculinity versus health at a study at the University of Pretoria, those who were considered the most attractive were those who have lower body fat (12 percent  seemed to be the common number). This isn't because of any subconscious fat-shaming, but lower weight, at least in our brains, goes hand-in-hand with what we perceive as healthy, and healthy, strong immune systems result in "optimal genes." Who doesn’t want to make babies with the guy at the party with optimal genes?

5. Have positive relationships.
Whether it's the relationship you have with your Wolf Pack or the one you have with your fam, keep it positive and healthy. Love, like no other cure-all in the world, does wonders for your health — both inside and out. Studies have shown that love, in all its forms, is great for the heart, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, and can even help you live longer. Not to mention, it really feels really good, too.


6. Don't forget your teeth!
Not only does smiling aid in your already awesome flirting technique,  but if you have great teeth in there, too, then you’re doubly attractive. Nothing says a picture of health like a mouth that's been properly cared for, so hone up on your flossing skills, and never skip brushing after meals.