Honey Maid's Response To Hate: The Best Thing You'll See All Day


When Honey Maid created an ad depicting gay couples with their children, among other families, for their "This is Wholesome" campaign, they did not anticipate the backlash that they were about to receive. Despite the positive reactions they got from their adorable cracker commercial, there was a great deal of hate coming from the anti-LGBT community, including a letter-writing campaign from One Million Moms criticizing them for "normalizing sin" by portraying homosexuality as wholesome.

But unlike the companies that have found themselves in similar situations, Honey Maid neither ran for the hills nor offered a public apology. Instead, they responded in the most gracious manner possible and found two artists to create a masterpiece of love using physical print outs of both negative and positive comments that they received. The result is simply spectacular, and we are impressed. Now, is anyone up for a honey graham cracker?