'Fifty Shades' Friday: Christian Grey, Jose And ... Beyonce?!

Beyonce in her 'Haunted' video. The song is featured in the teaser trailer of the '50 Shades Of Grey' movie when Christian Grey shows Ana Steele his collection of sex toys.

Happy Fifty Shades Friday!

Fifty Shades Of Grey movie followers will remember that Victor Rasuk stars as Jose in the BDSM-loving flick. The actor is now speaking out about the film, and he hints that there's a big twist that fans of the novel Fifty Shades Of Grey may not expect.

"When I played the role of Jose, I related because it's the girl that got away or the girl you always loved and ... I'm sure everyone can relate to that," Victor told Variety Latino. "It wasn't easy, but it was definitely fun because it tapped into something that is so personal to me and to anyone else, to tell someone that you really like them."

When asked about the controversy surrounding the movie and his character's unrequited love for Anastasia Steele -- who, obviously, only has the hots for Christian Grey and played by Dakota Johnson -- Rasuk replied, "It'll make some people see it as 'I don't know, bro, I would have done it differently' or some will say 'Why didn't she fall in love with him?' It portrays it exactly how the book portrayed Jose trying to sway Anastasia, but the outcome is a little different. I don't want to give it away."


Speaking of Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan himself was the subject of a few questions for his New Worlds co-star John Dempsie. When asked how the casting of Christian Grey affected their lives on the New Worlds set, Dempsie said, "On the first day of shooting, Jamie and I were chatting between scenes and he was like, 'I've got to do a bit of reading.' He blushed a little bit. I asked if it was Fifty Shades Of Grey, because I knew they were auditioning," he explained. "But it's really exciting to be around when that sort of news breaks. It's been great for us as well -- a lot more people are going to watch New Worlds because Christian Grey is in it."

So does Dempsie think Dornan will get typecast now that he's Christian Grey?

Not quite.

"You're only typecast if you allow yourself to be," Dempsie noted. "If you complain that you've spent the past three years playing the same part, no one's forcing you to play those roles. Decline offers of reprising the same roles and do something different. The key to longevity is variety. It all comes down to where you derive your satisfaction from, career-wise. For some people that's a healthy figure in the bank, which is understandable. But I wouldn't be happy if I did something I didn't feel was interesting."

When Dornan himself was asked recently about how his life changed since taking on the role of the BDSM-loving billionaire from the books, he was a bit shy and sheepish. "Um, yep, life is good," he said. "I don't know what to say!"

And now, for the Beyonce-Fifty Shades Of Grey connection? It's been revealed that in the teaser trailer released to critics at CinemaCon,  when the camera pans over Christian Grey's collection of S&M toys, Queen Bey's hit "Haunted" from her self-titled album plays in the background.

Now that's sexy.