Victor Rasuk Joins 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Cast: Who Is He?

Get the scoop on Anastasia's (other) admirer.

Victor Rasuk Joins '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie: Who Is He?

Victor Rasuk has officially joined the Fifty Shades Of Grey cast alongside Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Rasuk will play Jose, an amateur photographer who Anastasia Steele calls "the brother she never had"—and the brother who gets Christian Grey very jealous!

Who is the man behind the character? Here's all you need to know about Victor Rasuk!

He used to date a Twilight star.
Before she went on to marry Paul McDonald, Lords of Dogtown costars Nikki Reed and Rasuk were an item from 2004 to 2006, reportedly even living together for part of that time. Another coincidence? Catherine Hardwicke directed both Lords of Dogtown and the first Twilight flick.


Before acting, he was in a gang?
"I got kicked out of one high school for bringing a blade. I was still going through a phase where I thought I was a little gang banger," he admits. "I was doing sh*t with gangs and stuff in New York. I don't want to get into detail … but I saw that I was starting to f*ck up and let my mom down."

He protects his privacy.
Looking for an official Victor Rasuk Twitter, Instagram or other social media account? Keep looking—you won't find 'em!

He keeps it in the family.
Victor Rasuk was born in Harlem in 1984 (that makes him 29) to Dominican parents. He nabbed an Independent Spirit Award for his starring role in Raising Victor Vargas alongside his brother, Silvestre.


He's made it. 
You may recognize Rasuk from the HBO series How to Make It In America, where he played Cam Calderon. "I grew up in the projects on Avenue D on the Lower East Side," he says about his upbringing before fame. Now with a career in the upswing, he'll also star in the reboot of Godzilla next spring. Wonder if the screams in that movie rival the ones spilling out of the Red Room?

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