10 Commandments Of Loving A Hedgehog


Hedgehogs are just about the most adorable thing on the planet. This, we can all agree on. So we put together a little guide to help you show your hedgehog how much you love them. Best of all, there has been a recent surge in hedgehogs as household pets. The Associate Press reported that, despite hedgehogs being banned as pets in 6 different states, they are on the rise in the hearts and homes of countless people across the United States. Win!

Follow these commandments, and you'll never go wrong.

Thou shalt always rub the belly.

Thou shalt stare for hours at the adorableness.

Thou shalt protect them from danger (and floods).

Thou shalt take them for swims in the sink.

Thou shalt give them a helping hand when they need it.

Which might happen more than once

Thou shalt let them go on adventures (with fun hats).

Thou shalt share everything with them, including thy shoes.

Thou shalt let them think they are invisible when they pull this move:

Thou shalt give them free fun of the house.

And most importantly, there shall be plenty of snuggles and kisses.