Ditch Your Husband: 7 Things Every Woman Should Try Doing Alone

Don't miss out on alone time, get out and explore the world solo!

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Of course you should spend quality time with your husband, but let's face it. You are more likely spend time with him if he is living with you instead of being by yourself or with your own friends. After all it's healthy to miss each other once in a while, and doing things solo does just that! Once you are both reunited you will more likely be affectionate and less likely to fight over chores.

Ditching your husband isn't just about giving each other some personal space. But it's about also letting yourself grow independently. So what type of thing should you do by yourself in order to stimulate your personal growth?


1. Take a vacation.
First off, there's that whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing, which I really wouldn't discount. Spend too much time together, and the little things become big things. Time apart allows you to recharge your batteries and remember why you fell in love. But more than that, people vacation differently. Some are go, go, go folks; some would sit in the hotel room the whole time. I've found that when I vacation alone vs. with my husband, we do very different types of activities. I wouldn't want to miss out on either type!

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