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Not Tonight, Honey: 20 Reasons Men Turn Down Sex

man and woman upset in bed

When we talk about rejecting sex, we're usually talking about women doing it. Some of the reasons a woman may not be in the mood are because she's tired, she's worried about something else in her life, or she's just not that interested in the person who's pursuing her sexually. There are quite a few situations where men don't feel in the mood, but they're not talked about as much.

Why is this? We put so much pressure on men to always be interested in sex. Men will feel like an alien for not being in the mood — and women think it's because something is wrong with her.

In order to stop these misconceptions here are 20 very real reasons men say no to sex. It turns out that they are a lot like us!

1. He's suffering from poor body image/feels out of shape.
That's right, men feel just as self-conscious about their bodies as women are sometimes. So if he doesn't feel sexy then he's most likely not comfortable with having sexy time.

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