The Number One Rule We Keep In The Bedroom

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I recently joined the yoga pants club. Not the one where I actually go to a yoga class, but the club with moms who wear them for school pick up and drop off. And during our various errands. Yoga pants are ridiculously comfortable. However, one thing I will not do is wear them in our bed.

Another thing I refuse to wear to bed: footie pajamas and gigantic t-shirts.

The last time I wore footie pajamas I still believed in Santa Claus. I get that they’re warm and cozy, like a newborn swaddled up like a baby burrito. They’re just not sexy.

Before kids, I slept in those short, silky soft negligees. Sometimes I slept in less. Not only was it comfortable, but I enjoyed the intimacy of spooning with my husband with as much skin contact as possible.

After our daughter was born, those skimpy negligees were shoved in the back of my delicates drawer. By the time I pulled them back out, my post-baby weight was no match for those sexy underthings. (That was a sad, sad day.)

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