Why Are Gay And Lesbian Couples So Unhappy?

A recent poll by The Pew Research Center found that gay and lesbians clients reported to be less happy than the average person in society. The results showed that only 18% of gay and lesbians were happy, compared to 30% of straight participants. Why the discreptency? 

Life coaches and relationship experts Mary Malia, J. Cameron Gantt, Rick Clemons and Dr. Frankie Bashan are joined by YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman to discuss the reasons gay and lesbians are less happy. Is it because of openly accepted discrimination (I'm happy for you but...) or because you can still get fired for being in a homosexual relationship in 29 states? There are a few reasons that explain why this study makes perfect sense and why we, as a society, still have more work to do when it comes to equal rights and acceptance of the LGBT community. 

The bottom line is this: you can't be happy if you're spending your life trying to please everyone. Watch the video to see why living an authentic and honest life is imperative but why even then, happiness is not a given.