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Need Help Being An Attentive Boyfriend? There's An App For That!

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It's a new month, which of course means it's time for a bunch of new apps to shake up your love life. The newest? Well, the refreshing thing about it is that it's not another superficial, hot-or-not dating app — or one to help you plan your threesome.

Instead it's helping guys get a little bit more comfortable with their sensitive sides, or arguably, helping them avoid it by getting a computer to do it for them. It can easily be used to fake emotions to make their girlfriends happy — until the guys get caught that is.

The new Android app is understandably called "BroApp" and it sends automated text messages to the lady of their choice. In order to have some control over the messages, you can select a pet name to be included in the messages like, "sweet pea" and "honey."

You can pre-write text messages or select ones from options given by the app. And don't worry, to make sure an automated message won't be sent while the "bro" is with his girlfriend (how awkward would that be?), the app can recognize his partner's WiFi. These bros think of everything!

The founders of the app told Wired that the tool will help maximize the user's relationship and the receiver will see that their partner is engaged in their relationship. I guess that is true, but wouldn't it only give the girlfriend a false sense of security in the relationship if the bro isn't really invested in it to remember to send her a simple text? It seems more like a temporary fix, if anything.

So does this app actually interest guys? Would they really outsource affectionate text messages? Well, we went out asked for you.

Sign Me Up, Now.
"Sounds kinda dangerous, but anything to communicate less on the phone. It's actually kinda funny you brought this up, because my girl moved down to Florida and since communication has been tough to say the least. I believe in 30 sec conversations, not 3 hour ones. A phone is tiring, you gotta hold it up to your head, and usually I am focused on something else while I am on the phone," says J.D., 23

"Absolutely! It would allow me to think less! I would select from the options given." says Barry, 27

"I might, not a fan of the name personally. But I do like the idea behind it," says Josh, 21 "It could have practical uses. If you're drunk it could potentially keep me from texting people when I shouldn't be."

This Is A Joke, Right?
"If I had a girlfriend and I rely on the BroApp, it would be like the BroApp is dating my girlfriend. Could you even imagine if someone's girlfriend found out that he was using the BroApp? It takes away from the relationship being genuine and this BroApp makes it more automated," says Marty, 22

"It's not a good app because what if the text you scheduled doesn't make sense to send if your girlfriend is trying to have a conversation. I'm assuming you're scheduling for an hour later or more when you're drunk or something and wouldn't be able to text," says Sean, 23.

"I feel as though the compliments would be empty; not as meaningful. Plus, it seems like it insinuates a cover up if you're cheating in a relationship," says Brice, 23

What do you think about BroApp? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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