Keri Russell Dodges Question About Rumored Matthew Rhys Romance

The American's Keri Russell

A decade since Felicity, when her biggest problem was which guy to date, life is a helluva lot more complicated for Keri Russell in her latest role as Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans.

Outwardly an average '80s suburban wife and mother, she's really a Soviet spy in an arranged marriage, who uses sex to make men spill secrets. That's when she's not getting it on with her hot hubby, who has a pretend wife he's unwittingly turned into a mole. Juicy stuff!

Rumors have swirled that Russell, 37, who separated from her husband of six years Shane Deary last summer, and co-star Matthew Rhys had become more than just an on-screen couple. But while she wouldn't address the love gossip directly, she did talk about their on-screen relationship and juggling work with parenting her two kids, River, 6, and Willa, 2.

YourTango: Rumor has it you and Matthew have become more than co-stars.
Keri Russell:
Oh, I don't know about that!

YourTango: How has your relationship with Matthew changed since the beginning?
Keri Russell:
When you do a movie and get to walk away from it after four months, you can really hate the person and you don't have to ever see them again. This is different, more of a business partnership. Both he and I are very steady as people. We're nice. And that makes for a harmonious relationship.

YourTango: What's Elizabeth feeling as the season begins?
Keri Russell:
She's more vulnerable emotionally now. She's more engaged with her husband and family and that puts her off center. It scares her.

YourTango: How has it been juggling work and motherhood?
Keri Russell:
You just do it, day by day. There's no clear map for it but you just try your best every day and some days you do better than others.

YourTango: Do the kids come to work with you?
Keri Russell:
They don't come to work with me. But luckily it's an ensemble show and I get some days off so I get to do the school runs. The little one sometimes visits me on set.

YourTango: How do you like the '80s fashions?
Keri Russell:
I love my clothes on the show. I have all these beautiful suede fitted skirts and high boots, windswept hair. We're still in the early '80s — it wasn't till later that it got banana-clippy and hot pink. And she's much more serious than that, so she wears serious clothes.

YourTango: So it meshes with your own style?
Keri Russell:
I tend to like really handsome clothes — less frilly and more simple. Men's shirts tucked in, that's what I gravitate toward. An Audrey Hepburn kind of thing.

YourTango: We'll see you in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes next summer. When did you shoot that?
Keri Russell:
During my break. I wanted time off but couldn't say no. It was cold and rainy and I thought, "What am I doing?" I haven't seen it yet but the locations were incredible. It's going to be huge.


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