Look Who's Talking: Why New Fathers Are Saying No To Sexy Time

new dad

Hey, mama, worried that you're the only one whose libido took a nosedive after baby? The good news is that dad doesn't want to get it on either —seriously! And no, it's not because he doesn't find spit-up sexy — it's because he's hell-bent on being a good parent.

A new study conducted by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana tracked the lives and hormones of 433 young guys from the Philippine Islands. Led by Lee Gettler, researchers found that new fathers make love less often — and because of that, they're actually better father figures. So, um, celebrate the fact that your guy's more interested in baby than ever before even if that means he's not so interested in making another one anytime soon?

During Gettler's study, he found that the most testosterone-fuelled men were the most likely to become fathers, but after having a baby, mom wasn't the only one who'd rather catch up on sleep than put the sexy on.

Researchers found that the male sex hormone dropped after welcoming a tiny human to the mix. And, interesting enough, in testosterone's place was the hormone prolactin, most commonly associated with breastfeeding. And no, it doesn't mean your guy is going to start lactating from the nipple at the mere sound of a baby's wails. It just means that the changes in hormones make your hubby more sensitive to the needs of baby.

Gettler said it's a case of 'you win some, you lose some,' telling the American Association for the Advancement of Science that, "Mothers undergo a substantial biological change during pregnancy and birth, yet there has been a tendency to think of the father as a kind of inertly along for the ride." His research now shows that daddy's right there for the hormone rollercoaster. He added, "I think evolution has shaped male physiology to help men invest in their children and provide good care for them."

So the next time you're worried thinking your panties might be up in a bunch, don't forget about your husband. You might be navigating new motherhood, but he's basically the equivalent of preteen trying to understand, internalize and be okay with puberty. Only, in place of tampons, he's holding diaper cream.

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