'Bachelor's Renee Oteri: Will She Be The Next 'Bachelorette'?

The Bachelor's Renee Oteri and Juan Pablo Galavis

Lots of questions must be running through viewers' minds when they watch this season of The Bachelor: Is Juan Pablo engaged right now? Did Clare and Juan Pablo really have sex in the ocean? And how the hell is Sharleen still around?

Lucky for us, one bachelorette is speaking out, confirming our feelings of frustration when it comes to Sharleen Joynt's back-and-forth, hot-and-cold feelings for this season's Bachelor.

"You know, it's frustrating to see now. I had no idea that she felt the way that she felt. And I had no idea she was so confused this whole time," confides Renee Oteri, a 32-year-old real estate agent from Massachusetts who is now living in Florida and still in the running for the final rose and Juan Pablo Galavis' heart.

"I mean, it's frustrating, yes, because other people are going home that really ... truly like him and want to be there. So, yes, it's frustrating. But I get her. I get her point of view."

Don't worry, Renee. We have a sneaky suspicion you'll be sticking around longer than Sharleen.

YourTango: What are your other thoughts on Sharleen's indecisiveness?
Renee Oteri: I mean, I get it. She really wants to give it a fair shot and not have any regrets. That would be awful if she leaves and has, you know, no idea. She's up in the air. I like that she's sticking around and ... she wants to know and be 100 percent on that. Like she said in the last episode, she's going to just give it another shot and see how she feels and go from there. It would be awful for her to leave with regret.

YourTango: You have somehow managed to stay out of the drama and become a fan favorite. Was that easy for you?
Renee Oteri:
I feel like there were so many times where I'm, 'Where was I when that happened?' I don't know how it happened, honestly. I don't involve myself — that's just who I am. I don't bad mouth people. If I say something about someone, I tell them to their face. I wasn't really a part of those conversations just because ... I'm not drawn to that. I don't see it going on and get up and walk out of the room; it just never happened around me.

YourTango: Who do you feel is your biggest competition in the house?
Renee Oteri:
Honestly, they're all amazing women. But I don't know. I would say Clare because, just my personal opinion, I can see the way — I've personally seen it — just the way he looks at her. He also laughs a lot with Chelsie [Webster,] a lot with Chelsie. At this point, it's tough because you can tell he's got something for everyone.

YourTango: Everybody loves you. If this doesn't end with you receiving the final rose, would you consider being the next Bachelorette?
Renee Oteri:
Yes. If it doesn't end in my favor ... I do want to fall in love. I do want to get married. I do want to have kids, more kids. And that's my ultimate goal. Obviously, I'm hoping that this does work out for me — trying to not think too far ahead of that.

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