12 Reasons You Need To Start Loving A Lykoi, Stat


Have you heard of the Lykoi? No? Where have you been? This adorable new breed of cat is taking the feline world by storm. They may look a little funky, but underneath it all, the Lykoi (Greek for 'wolf cat') is a bundle of love, ready to bring joy into your life. We have here just 12 of the many reasons you need to start loving a Lykoi immediately.

First off, they totally look like werewolves! Tiny, cuddly werewolves

They are playful

That adorable, expressive little face

They are totally fierce

They make the cutest kittens

When they make this face, they can get rid of annoying neighbors

They kinda look like a Sphynx, which is amazing (though there is no relation)

They love to cuddle

They are inquisitive

They are ever so smart

And they are just generally freaky…but in the good way