Ramona Singer Divorce Drama! Did Mario Just Dump His Mistress?

Ramona Singer & Husband Mario Singer

Ramona Singer has enough divorce drama to fill an entire season of Real Housewives Of New York City, and the plot keeps thickening.

When Singer caught husband Mario in her Hamptons home with another woman, she reportedly flipped out — and rightfully so — and filed for divorce.

Singer opened up about her marital strife on Twitter, writing, "This has been the most difficult time in my life. But when I see so many messages of love & support, it gives me a much needed smile. #Thankful."

But could a reconciliation be in the works? Sources say that Mario Singer has called it quits with his mistress, 32-year-old fitness instructor Kasey Dexter, cutting her off completely.

Insiders told Star magazine, "Mario had been seeing Kasey behind Ramona's back for eight months and was giving her the usual line that he'd marry her after he left his wife. But after the affair blew up in public, he blindsided Kasey by cutting off all communication with her." Apparently Dexter is "heartbroken," and the source dished, "She really does love Mario — but now he won’t give her the time of day."

Still, other sources claim Dexter was just using Mario for money, so the jury's still out on the authenticity of their affection.

But when it was good, Dexter had it very good. A pal of Mario revealed to Life & Style"He'd take [Dexter] to all of Ramona's favorite places in the Hamptons, and he even got Kasey her own apartment!"

Ironically, part of why Mario and Dexter may have hit it off so well is because she's so much like Singer herself. "Kasey is basically a young version of Ramona," the pal added. "I've told him that: 'You've just went for crazier and younger.'"

And now Mario's going for single ... unless Singer takes him back. But reports say they're each already dating other people, so expect Ramona Singer to be a real ex-housewife.