Weird News: Is This The Sex Toy Of The Future?

up close look at two people kissing

Let's face it, oral sex can be difficult. Especially when it comes to pleasuring women. Every woman is very different in what she likes. Even communication sometimes doesn't help if your partner can't break the habits he or she picked up from watching too much porn.

Now ladies who have been unfortunate in receiving terrible oral sex can find out what great oral feels like thanks to this new sex toy. LELO has created the Ora vibrator that will simulate the sexual act for you.

The toy looks pretty discrete so others won't guess what it's used for. It has three buttons to speed up and lower the pace of flicks, along with 10 different rotations and patterns. It also has an ultra-intense setting.

So what do you think? Will you ever want to try this sex toy out?

Watch the commercial for the toy here: Oral Sex Vibrator Looks Like The Future, Licks Like No Tomorrow

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