Is Jamie Dornan Leaving The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie?!

Jamie Dornan

Is the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie losing yet another Christian Grey? Rumor has it that Jamie Dornan, who took on the role after Charlie Hunnam's abrupt exit, is leaving!

The rumors are true: Dornan is leaving ... but don't worry, he's coming back!

The Irish actor will take a short, temporary hiatus to film BBC's The Fall, in which he previously received rave reviews for playing a serial killer. (The guy does the whole "dark, brooding and somewhat violent" thing pretty well, no?)

The Fall's executive producer Gub Neal said everything is going according to plan in terms of The Fall and Fifty Shades Of Grey's filming schedules. "We have been talking to Jamie for nine months about his role and The Fall schedule is not affected in any way," Neal assured. "We begin filming at the end of January, beginning of February, and it is a 16 week shoot and nothing has changed."

It turns out Dornan isn't the only star making The Fall fall a little behind. His co-star, Gillian Anderson (of The X-Files fame), delayed filming because of her prior commitments with stateside TV show Hannibal. Phew!

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