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Breaking 'Bachelor' News! Tenley Confirms She's Back With Kiptyn

The Bachelor's Tenley Molzahn

It's official, Bachelor fans: Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke are back on!

In fact, they have been for quite some time according to Molzahn, Bachelor Jake Pavelka's runner-up, who confirmed there's "lots of love" between the two and they're just enjoying each other's company outside the spotlight.

"We've been back together a long time, but we just don't need it to be as public as it was — not that there's anything to hide," Molzahn tells us about her renewed relationship with the Bachelorette season 5 runner-up.

Molzahn and Locke, who appeared together on Bachelor Pad, first split in early 2013 after two and a half years of dating. "It's just more of a private life together without the expectations and pressure, just kind of doing our own thing," Molzahn says about her current relationship status. "I wanna enjoy each other because that's what it's about."

As to whether we'll see Molzahn sporting an engagement ring or walking down the aisle any time soon, she simply states, "We'll have to see."

YourTango: Are you still in contact with Jake Pavelka?
Tenley Molzahn: We hadn't really talked when we parted ways in St. Lucia … because of him and Vienna, I wanted to respect that … after that, I started dating Kiptyn, and him and Jake were on seasons together; I think Jake kept his friendship with Kiptyn to be respectful, and just kind of said hellos through me, and Kip and I supported him at a few events, but it was no out of the ordinary being in touch or anything. I recently talked to him when Gia [Allemand, former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant] passed away because he was struggling, and we all were having a hard time. He had reached out, and we had a really nice talk that was probably several years overdue. It was really nice to have a talk with the normal guy Jake, not Jake the Bachelor.

YourTango: Any regrets about going on Bachelor or Bachelor Pad?
Tenley Molzahn: Absolutely not! It was one of the best, most unique experiences for me, in the sense of the growth I received just going through it ... It's not something that I'd ever recommend anybody doing, especially with those expectations — you can't walk in and be like, 'OK, I heard you're like a doctor' — because it's not like that. But for me, I had no expectations, and I took everything by stride, and it ended up being something so good for me. I'm grateful for it.

YourTango: What do you think of Juan Pablo as the Bachelor? How do you feel he is handling himself?
Tenley Molzahn: I'm actually pleasantly surprised because I didn't really know how I felt about him. I think it could be cultural and just him being an honest dude, but I thought, before the show started — and I don't want this to come off the wrong way — it seemed like he was kind of peacocking a little bit, really amped up about the spotlight. But then I thought about it, and I'd rather them be honest … and since it's been airing, I feel like he's become very real and very humble ... I feel like he's handling himself with the ladies pretty well.

YourTango: Is there a bachelorette you think is a good match for Juan Pablo?
Tenley Molzahn: I have favorites, but knowing that you're actually putting two lives together, I wouldn't necessarily put some of them with him. I really like Renee [Oteri;] I think she and I could be pals, so I look at her like that … I wanna see more of Andi [Dorfman,] but she's kind of got Bachelorette written across her forehead for me. I don't feel like I know them well enough yet. Obviously, he's into Clare [Crawley,] but I think that she needs to really relax and show who she really is without putting on a show.

YourTango: Is there anyone in the house you don't think is there for Juan Pablo or to fall in love?
Tenley Molzahn: Half of them [laughs]— I don't think that the Kelly girl [Kelly Travis,] although I really appreciate her comedic relief, I don't think she's there for Juan Pablo. I think half of them are there for the experience, and you know, what if you do fall in love? So I'm not dogging any of them by saying half of them aren't there for Juan Pablo, you just never know. You go for an experience, and then you see what could happen, you fall in love.

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YourTango: Your blog, Tenley's Sweet & Free Life, is fantastic! How did it get started?
Tenley Molzahn: My health has stemmed my interest in nutrition and continuing to educate from there. I grew up really, really, really sick. I was always sick, and there were never any answers. Unfortunately, a lot of food-based diseases, or even Celica disease, goes undetected by doctors, and tests aren't always as consistent or trustworthy as they should be. I, five years ago, realized that it was gluten, and to get gluten from my diet changed my life; it completely changed my world. I grew up malnourished and didn't even know it. I fell in love with finding out how to cook for myself and what was healthy and what really fed my body … I really fell in love with the idea of going back to school for nutrition, so I did that. I already had a website where I was sharing my gluten-free recipes and stuff like that, and it has just kind of continued to grow and become more of a dream of mine to make it a more consistent outlet … being able to share more of my experience and help others find out what their problems are. In a nutshell, my website is my expertise in gluten-free living, but I can help with all kinds of transitions, helping people pinpoint those negative things and trying to find the right balance for them. I'm really excited because in the next couple of weeks, hopefully by the end of February at least — I don't have an official date yet — I'm going to be relaunching my website, but relaunching with a whole new look and my health cooking services.