Is Infidelity More Prevalent In Gay And Lesbian Relationships?

If you're one to believe in stereotypes and what the media tells you, you probably think the gay and lesbian community is filled with adulterers and cheaters. But is this really true? 

YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman is joined by relationship experts Rick Clemons, Cameron Gantt, Mary Malia and Frankie Bashan to discuss if it is in fact true that those in gay and lesbian relationships are more likely to cheat than those in heterosexual relationships. 

Watch to see the experts debate who cheats more, gays or lesbians, and to learn whether or not the polyamory lifestyle is acceptable option for all gay and lesbian couples. But the real bottom line? Figuring out how to make a long-term relationship last is a feat in itself, regardless of your sexual orientation.