20 Awesome Things You Never Knew About 'Scandal'


Did you know Tony Goldwyn's family pretty much founded Hollywood? We definitely didn't! And he plays the bad guy in Ghost? What!

While we wait for Scandal to return in February (c'mon, Feb!), we've rounded up 20 other necessary facts that all fans should know about the political world of Olivia Pope.

Both Harrison (Columbus Short) and Olivia's mom (Khandi Alexander) were offered their roles without actually having to audition.


It's easy to believe that Bellamy Young only had to speak two lines before she landed the role as First Lady.

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Gabrielle Union auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope. So weird!


Olivia Pope is based on real-life crisis management consultant, Judy Smith. Also a co-executive producer on the show, Smith has represented Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick, Chandra Levy's family, and BP after the oil spill.


Tony Goldwyn is basically Hollywood royalty. His grandfather Samuel Goldwyn was a super famous film producer and helped create some of the biggest studios in Hollywood, including Paramount and obviously MGM (you know, Metro Goldwyn Mayer)! And his mother's grandfather wrote the screenplay for Gone With The Wind. We should be playing six degrees of Tony Goldwyn.


Shonda Rhimes is the beautiful and talented human that brought us not only Scandal, but Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Crossroads (Yes, the Britney Spears movie)!


Before shooting a new show, the cast screams the episode number and bangs on furniture! Nothing like a little tradition on the set.


Congrats to Kerry Washington for being the first African-American actress to star in an hour-long network drama series since 1974.


The entire cast of Scandal is obsessed with Game of Thrones. Kerry even cooked her mom a Game of Thrones themed dinner for Mother's Day.


President Fitz is also the voice of Tarzan in the classic Disney cartoon.

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Before getting married last year to former NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha, Kerry Washington was engaged to David Moscow for three years. Don't know David Moscow? He was in Honey, Just Married and Big.

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In "Spies Like Us," we learn the address for Pope and Associates. Next time you are in the DC neighborhood, be sure to head to 1970 K Street, Washington DC 20006. You won't find Huck, but you will spot a caterer, framing company, deli, and law firm.


Scott Foley aka Jake Ballard not only appeared in Dawson's Creek, but he also makes a cameo during an episode of Sweet Valley High … which makes him the coolest person ever.


Speaking of Jake, he was married to Jennifer Garner for four years after meeting on the set of Felicity! Their official divorce date was one month before 13 Going on 30 came out in theaters. Who knew there was a Mr. Garner before Ben?


Columbus Short was the choreographer for Britney Spears' "In The Zone" tour and he was once a backup dancer for Brandy! Harrison, why are you hiding those moves?


Before she became Quinn Perkins, Katie Lowes was a waitress in Hollywood who once waited on Brad Pitt!


Diane Von Furstenberg walked up to Kerry Washington at an event and told her that she is a gladiator. Best compliment ever?


Josh Malina (David Rosen) is considered the prankster on set. He's been known to refer to Kerry as Olivia Poop.


Tony Goldwyn directed the episode in season 2 when Mellie moves out of the White House and threatens to expose Fitz's affair with Olivia.


Shonda Rhimes has said Scandal has an expiration date. She already knows how the show will end and when it's time to say goodbye to Olivia Pope.