Want Better Sex? There's A Google Glass App For That!

Could the wearable technology improve your sex life?

couple kissing in bed

Now it's 2014, so of course your sex life will be changed digitally thanks to the 'Sex with Glass' app. Want to look up a new sex position without having to search around for your phone? Want to set the mood? Google Glass has you covered, and you don't even need to get up.

Most importantly, if you're into making home sex videos than Google Glass will be able to record them for you — in the point of view of your partner. It could definitely help you figure out whether your O face is scary or accpetable ... if you were wondering.


As for privacy regarding these sex videos? Well, the app is somewhat like SnapChat where it deletes your video — after five hours. Sounds like that could be long enough for someone else to get their hands on it?

Find out more about the Sex with Glass app here: How Google Glass Can Improve Your Sex Life (If You're Into That Kind Of Thing)

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