Healthy Is Hot: 21 Celebs Who Love To Flaunt Their New Bodies

It's possible to look and feel great through good, old-fashioned hard work and patience.

Christina Aguilera

Celebrity weight loss is a tricky thing. With every method of exercise and dieting at their disposal, it's not hard to see how so many actors and actresses end up tipping the scale too far the other way. Parades of skinny starlets walk the red carpet and you start to wonder if there's a healthy body left in Hollywood.

Here's the good news: there are! Stars like Christina Aguilera, Seth Rogan, and Queen Latifah all decided to shed pounds the right way, through moderated diet and exercise, and wound up looking great doing it. So don't despair — check out the photos of these 21 celebs and revel in their normalcy. 


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