It's Science: The Reason Married Men Let Themselves Go

Find out what unhealthy choice married men are making.

Fat man chooses unhealthy food

Finally, it's time to squash all of those ideas that every woman packs on the pounds right after walking down the aisle. It turns out, it's the husbands who are letting their healthy habits go after settling down.

A study published by Families, Systems, and Health journal followed 2,300 young adults in the Midwest and discovered men are 25 percent more likely to be overweight after marriage, compared to single men or even those in relationships. 'Overweight' can be relative in some cases, but scientists defined it as a body mass index over 25. 


Why is this so? Are they just enjoying a lot more home cooking? Skipping gym days? Watching too much TV? It turns out that a lot of these hubbies are just skipping the most important meal of the day!

According to the study, not only do men get the case of the chubs after exchanging vows, but married women were 47 percent more likely to eat breakfast five times a week.

Even though we've been told men with big bellies might make better lovers and women like men with some meat on their bonesit can't hurt to invite your guy to join you for some fruit and cereal. It's more fun when here's there anyway.


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