24 Symptoms Of A 'New Girl' Addiction

'New Girl'

Schmidt, Winston, Nick and Jess are back in our lives — which means that tonight we pull out our hipster glasses, pour ourselves a drink, and continue to laugh at our favorite Schmidt-isms.

So, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Coach is back for good and all is right in the world.

Put some money in the "jar" because clearly you have an addiction to New Girl, and here are the symptoms:

Sometimes you look in the mirror and sing the theme song using your name instead of 'Jess':


You've definitely considered making a douche jar for a friend … or your boss:


When Coach left for Happy Endings:


You were skeptical of Winston at first, but then he won you over:

Panda Whale

And now? Coach and Winston together is basically a gift from God:


It freaks you out a little that they are 30 and still unsure about everything in life:


When an episode includes a "Fat Schmidt" flashback:

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It's comforting knowing that there is someone in this world as awkward and immature about sex as you:


How would you describe yourself in one word? "Adorkable":


Jess and Cece are the main reason you've been debating whether or not you should get bangs for the last two years:


Yes, you do secretly own a pair of hipster glasses, stop lying about it and embrace it:


There have been intense arguments with your friends over who's better, Schmidt or Winston:


And then someone has to come in and say Nick is their favorite character:

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When Jess and Nick finally got together:

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Sometimes, though, you still really miss Russell:


You were really rooting for Schmidt and Cece to end up together:


But were completely torn because Elizabeth was kind of ah-mazing:


Winston's rendition of "Popular" and "Defying Gravity" is still the greatest thing you've ever heard:


Speaking of Winston, his relationship with Ferguson makes you feel normal about your relationship with your pet:


You're completely okay with Nick and Jess breaking up, so long as Joseph Gordon-Levitt becomes her new boyfriend:


You've definitely contemplated moving out of your place to move in with three random guys:


Maybe you've even scanned Craigslist once or twice:


Especially because of that time your roommate thought you'd already watched New Girl and erased it off the DVR:


You couldn't even imagine Tuesdays without this kind of friendship: